The Fuelman Merchant Network drives incremental volume to your pumps and new customers inside your stores.




With over 2.5MMFN1 Fuelman and Mastercard® Easy Savings drivers on the road, we are committed to driving new volume to our merchants. Plus, we make acceptance and settlement easier than ever.


Become a member of the Fuelman Network


Powerful GROWTH

  • Nationwide, exclusive network of merchants that accept Fuelman cards
  • Access to the 1.6 billion gallons in our current programFN2
  • Issuer funded rebates available for Fuelman and Mastercard® Easy Savings cardholders
  • Multiple sales channels dedicated to expanding commercial traffic at Fuelman stations



  • Pay-at-the-pump access on many POS platforms
  • All cards accepted by Fuelman merchant members are settled by Fuelman
  • Easy settlement with our “Merchant Reimbursement Report” and “Site Reimbursement Report”
  • Iconic signage inside and out
  • Mastercard® Easy Savings advertising for your sites
  • Fuelman cardholders use the Fuelman App and Site Locator to find Fuelman stations


Grow your business with an easy way to access working capital 


As a Fuelman merchant, you can get up to $250,000FN3, pending review, with Fuelman Funding, a product designed to provide your business access to working capital for your day-to-day operations or whatever your business needs. 


How does it work? 

  • Access up to $250,000 in working capitalFN3
  • Pending review, receive funding within days
  • No additional set up is required. Weekly remittances are handled through your existing settlement


Already a Fuelman Merchant? Start the process now!

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Not a Fuelman Merchant? Become a member today, and you will be eligible for the Fuelman Funding Program after only 3 months of history with the Fuelman Network.

easy savings

Mastercard® Easy Savings is an automatic rebate program that enables participating Merchants to provide rebates to eligible Mastercard® small business cardholders registered in the program

  • Mastercard® Easy Savings exclusive participation
  • Mastercard® Easy Savings advertising for your sites


For more information, please visit: Mastercard Easy Savings


Accepting Fuelman helped me grow new gallons, brought more local in-store customer traffic, and helped me better compete with signage and advertising — Thanks Fuelman!



Alpharetta, Georgia




Fuelman’s strong relationships with locally-owned stations facilitates your rebates at the pump. 



FN1. 2.6 MM Mastercard® Easy Savings Program cardholders transacted with Fuelman in 2017.

FN2. As of 04/01/2021.

FN3. A merchant cash advance is not a loan, but an alternative method of providing businesses with working capital through the sale of future revenues. There is no discount for early performance on the agreement. Maximum funding amount may vary based on your historical Fuelman network volume. Subject to additional terms and conditions

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Corpay considers your privacy important. We are committed to protecting the privacy of those who provide us with their contact and personal information. View our Privacy Policy to find out more.


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