The Clean Advantage 

100% offset carbon emissions1

Simplified Reports

Vehicle expense accounting and tax reporting 


50,000+ stations nationwide2


The Fuelman Clean Advantage Fuel Card

Upgrading your fleet to zero emission vehicles is expensive. With the Fuelman Clean Advantage Card, you can neutralize your fleet’s carbon emissions for only $0.05 per gallon.1


The Fuelman Clean Advantage Card makes your fleet 100% carbon neutral while controlling costs1


  • Fuel card programs can save businesses an average of 15% on overall fuel costs by helping to prevent misuse and fraud3
  • Neutralize your fleet’s emissions through certified carbon offset projects1
  • Access annual carbon certificates, digital decals and press release templates to promote your sustainability story
  • Build trust, credibility, and loyalty; 89% of consumers would switch to a brand with a good cause, given similar price and quality4
  • Help prevent fraud & misuse by customizing fuel controls 
  • Real-time alerts for potentially fraudulent transactions
  • Track fuel expenses by driver and vehicle – no more cash or lost
  • Simplified reports for easy vehicle expense accounting and tax 

Cost Controls


Control your fuel cost and help to reach your sustainability goals. Neutralize your emissions AND gain better control of your fuel expenses, all with one card. 

Business Growth 


Grow your business by attracting purpose-driven customers. Consumer behavior is shifting toward purpose-driven brands.5

Affordable Sustainability Solution 


The Fuelman Clean Advantage Fleet Card is an affordable and turnkey way to make your fleet green with annual reports that track and measure your impact. 

How it works


  • Set up your Fuelman® account and start using your card
  • Your fleet’s emissions are calculated monthly based on the type and number of gallons of fuel purchased with your fuel card1
  • Your fleet’s emissions are neutralized through investments in certified carbon reduction projects

Program performance and accuracy is annually attested to by a Big 4 accounting firm


Clean Advantage is administered through GreenPrint, a leading international environmental technology company. The program adheres to international carbon standards and registries.


“Clean Advantage provided me with a turnkey, simple, and inexpensive sustainability program, which helped me retain my largest client, Deutsche Bank, who implemented ‘sustainability’ as a new initiative in their vendor relationships and RFP process.”


— Rich P., BayView Limo 


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1. Emissions are calculated based on the fuel purchased through Fuelman Clean Advantage Fleet card and neutralized through certified carbon offset projects that adhere to international standard
2. Fuelman sites can be found at
3. Source: Business Fleet, Fuel Cards Can Save You Money, 2007
4. 2017 Cone CSR Study
5. 2018 Edelman Earned Brand


Program Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for details. Fees may apply in some cases, such as for optional services, late payments and/or credit risk.

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