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How to Get Discounts on Diesel With a Fuel Card


Oct 10, 2023, 9:38AM EST

How to Get Discounts on Diesel With a Fuel Card

Fleet managers and business owners alike are focused on how to save money and improve the bottom line while minimizing inefficiencies. One of the largest expenses for small business owners with diesel fleets is gas money. Many fleets utilize a fleet fuel card program in order to save money on the large amounts of fuel purchases fleets make. With a fuel card, every time a driver stops to get gas at participating gas stations, they receive a discounted price. Additionally, with a fuel card program in place, the fleet manager can control spending and track maintenance expenditures.

Fuel prices will continue to fluctuate. Using a fuel card will allow you and your fleet to guarantee the best possible pricing, regardless of the state of diesel prices.

What is the best way to save on diesel fuel?

The best way to save money on diesel fuel is to sign up for a fuel card program. With a fuel card program, your truck drivers can have their own fuel cards connected to a bank account managed and controlled by you and your team. Each driver can pull up to a fuel station and save money at the diesel pump.

Most fuel card programs offer a fuel discount option, in addition to tracking, reporting, and spending controls. This means that business owner-operators can get the best diesel price available using a discount fuel card.

How do fuel discount cards work?

When business owners sign up for a fuel card program, many of them offer fleet cards to hand out to their open-road diesel truck or van drivers. Drivers can use these cards to get the best fuel price, often the cash price, at participating fuel pumps.

Using a bank or checking account, you can set up purchase controls on your driver's cards. Many fuel discount cards or fuel programs also offer cash back, waived transaction fees, and the best discounts on maintenance fees for your vehicles, like replacing mud flaps.

If you’re partnering with a company on a fuel card program, be sure to understand what gas stations and truck stops participate in the program, so that your drivers are able to get the best price on the gallons of fuel they use on a daily basis. For example, do many of your trucking routes use Circle K, Love’s, or Exxon? Making sure the card you choose can maximize your savings at the right gas stations is incredibly important.

The benefits of using a fuel card

One of the major benefits of using a fuel card is the savings on the fleet’s many fuel stops. Saving any money on fuel costs will make a big difference on the bottom line.

Another major benefit is the ability to control spending on the fuel cards given to your company’s drivers. This feature allows you to plan expenses more effectively and remain within your budget on a consistent basis. Many cards also provide a rewards program, offering points per gallons of fuel and sometimes, annual loyalty bonuses.

Choosing the best diesel fuel card for your business

There are a few considerations when it comes to deciding on the right fuel card for your business. Here are a few tips to get started:

Fleet size

To choose the right diesel fuel card for your business, it’s first important to understand your fleet and your needs for diesel fuel. How many full-time drivers do you have? Will you be expanding your fleet in the near future? These are great questions to ask yourself to determine what kind of fuel card program is best for you and your company.

Gas stations on your routes

Looking at your trucking routes, determine what gas station companies are best for your fleet. Does your fleet often need to use Pilot Flying J fuel stations? Do they use Love’s the most?


Most fuel card programs have some sort of fee. Depending on what you’re looking for based on truck routes and fleet size, there may be different fees to pay throughout the year. Ideally, the program you choose and the savings you’ll receive will largely outweigh the fees you may need to pay for being part of the program.

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