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  • In the fall of 2021, the U.S. Energy Administration (EIA) projected that light-duty electric vehicles (EVs) would grow from .7% of the U.S. LDV fleet in 2020 to 15% of LDV fleet vehicles on the road by 20301.
  • For medium and heavy-duty trucks, the number was projected at 7% by 20301.
  • These numbers are likely to increase significantly, due to government initiatives strengthening fuel economy standards and subsidizing production of EVs and installation of charging stations.

Fuelman has already introduced sustainable options like the Fuelman Clean Advantage card and a carbon-neutral Fuelman Mastercard®, designed specifically for environmentally-conscious fleets with electric vehicles. We’ve been trusted by America’s best-run fleets for over 35 years, and we’re all in to keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently now and in the future.

EV is the fuel of future

Fuelman and Its Parent Company, Corpay®, are Investing in the Fleet of the Future 

We’re putting our resources to work to build the products and services you’ll need to stay competitive while being good stewards of the planet’s resources. Investments include

  • Mina - Cloud-based digital software platform that simplifies charging and payments for commercial EV fleets 
  • Motorq - a leading connected-car data and analytics company 
  • Comdata EV-Enabled Mastercard® - developed to provide a broad network of charging stations for EV and hybrid fleets
  • Allstar One Electric Card - launch in Europe- featuring payment programs for EV as well as alternative vehicles such as hydrogen, petrol, and diesel fleets.



Fuelman continues to develop and fine tune our sustainable fleet solutions to address challenges of the fleets of tomorrow. No one knows fleets and payments like Fuelman, and we are leveraging that expertise to:

Address range anxiety.

One of the key barriers to enthusiastic migration to EV has been the issue of range anxiety. We provide our customers the broadest possible access to charging stations while they are on the road. All of our Mastercard solutions are EV-enabled, and, whether virtual or physical, can be used for payment in popular EV charging apps within any charging network where Mastercard is accepted.

Transition from gas/diesel to EV, over time.

The shift to EV will not happen overnight. Few companies can afford to convert to EV all at once, or even over one or two years. We recognize that the transition will be gradual, and we understand your concerns. That’s why Fuelman has solutions for traditional, EV, and mixed fleets.

Pay for and track EV charging, no matter where it happens.

Our experience with EVs in Europe has shown that at-home charging is the primary source of power, and reports show that 88% of EV owners charge their vehicles at home “often” or “always.” We recognize that providing employee reimbursement solutions is critical, and will save customers both time and money.
Other critical success components include
  • Broad networks of EV charging stations like those available via the Fuelman Mastercard® Carbon Neutral + EV card.
  • Tracking and direct reimbursement capability for charging events at home or on-the-go.


Fuelman EV solutions

Deliver the same level of vehicle, charging, and transaction data and insights that our top fleets rely on today. 

We leverage the “connected car” as the source of truth by capturing data directly from the vehicle. This information provides valuable data insights for managers seeking to understand the costs and benefits of switching to EV.
We also provide a dedicated portal for EV fleet managers and robust EV data, which allows managers to have a comprehensive view of their EV fleets.

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