Case Studies

Arizona HVAC company realizes a cool 10 to 15% fuel savings
"Our savings are very evident. In just a matter of months our fuel expense has dropped an average of 20-25 cents per gallon. Even with the steady increase in gas prices, we are seeing overall savings of 10 to 15% off our previous fuel bills."

General Manager
HVAC Company
Download the Arizona HVAC Case Study
45 Vehicles

Delivery company monitors purchasing, increases miles per gallon, and
delivers packages with less expense
"If I see one driver getting only nine MPG, while the others achieve 12 MPG for the same truck model, I simply make a note of the discrepancy on the reports before sending them to them to the driver´s manager. It´s fascinating to see that, on the next week´s reports, that driver´s MPG has suddenly fallen back in line with the rest of the fleet."

President and Owner
Delivery Company
Download the Delivery Company Case Study
113 Vehicles

Retail food distributor sees immediate drop in unauthorized spending
"What used to take me three to four hours to manually reconcile purchases, Fuelman does automatically - presenting all our fuel purchases on one consolidated statement."

Director of Fleet Services
National Prepared Foods Bakery
Download the Foods Bakery Case Study
45 Vehicles

Sheriff´s office expands fueling option from 4 to 400 fuel sites keeping officers
on the road and in route
"The convenience of having retail pay-at-the-pump acceptance at multiple locations is ideal. We can fuel when and where we need to. We don´t have to leave our vehicles unattended, and we´re back on the road quickly."

Fleet Manager
Louisiana Parish Sheriff´s Office
Download the Sheriff´s Office Case Study
45 Vehicles

Purchase controls create immediate 10% reduction in fraudulent fueling for
welding company´s nine-truck fleet
"We saw 'corrections' to fuel purchases as soon as we implemented the Fuelman system. It was apparent, right away, that we had made the right decision to choose a fuel card with real-time visibility of fuel transactions."

President and Owner
Welding and Manufacturing Company
Download the Welding and Manufacturing Case Study
9 Vehicles

Rural electric coop gains stronger controls with Fuelman and earns a rebate on each gallon, while enjoying better fueling choices
"We earn a rebate on every gallon of fuel we purchase. Plus, our drivers can pick fueling locations that are more convenient and have better pricing."

Director, Plant Accounting
Midwestern rural electric coop
Download the Rural Electric Coop Case Study
50+ Vehicles

Metro county increases fleet by 70% and eliminates paperwork, errors and logistics problems.
"We had logistical issues related to a centralized refueling depot. We had EPA hassles. We had piles of paperwork (with lots of errors). And, during the last dozen years, our fleet grew from 300 vehicles to more than 500. It would have been flat-out impossible to run at our current volumes and resolve our fueling challenges without Fuelman.”

Fleet Administrator
County Government, Maintenance
Download the North Carolina County Case Study
500 Vehicles

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"Fuelman has given us the
ability to keep a closer
tab on our employees.
In return this has limited
the incidents of employees
stealing gas by working
as a deterrent."

-General Contractor,
with 17 vehicles, Missouri

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