Onsite Fueling

For businesses with a need for on-site fueling, Fuelman leads to even greater benefits. Purchasing controls for both on-site and off-site fueling make sure that no matter how you choose to fuel, you remain in control of your expenses. Fuelman offers solutions for both mobile refueling and onsite tanks, from supplying the fuel to controlling and accounting for usage with card readers, and any step in between. By using Fuelman to monitor both your onsite and retail purchases, you get the same great controls and always know where and how much fuel is being used by your vehicles.
Fuelman On-Site offers:
  • Driver ID authorization for accountability
  • Protection from unauthorized fueling
  • Daily and weekly updated usage reports
  • Easy online account management
  • Unusual activity e-mail alerts
  • Tracking by vehicle, driver and department
  • Fuel delivered on consignment or with current vendor
  • Mobile refueling
  • Card reader integration
Fuelman takes your on-site fueling to the next level and puts you more in control of your expenses than ever before. Sign up today and start saving!

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"Fuelman has given us the
ability to keep a closer
tab on our employees.
In return this has limited
the incidents of employees
stealing gas by working
as a deterrent."

-General Contractor,
with 17 vehicles, Missouri

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