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Fuelman Releases Improved Site Locator with Additional Features

by Robert Darnall | Jan 22, 2010

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) Fuelman, one of the pioneers of fuel management solutions which help businesses control fuel and maintenance expenses, today announced the release of a new site locator. The updated interactive tool allows fleet managers and drivers to get directions and easily find Fuelman partner locations along their routes for added convenience and time savings.

The new site locator also features enhanced search queries that help find stations by:

  • Fuel Type - Select from diesel, biodiesel, E85, CNG, unleaded and diesel
  • Driver Comforts - Highway access, 24 hr. service, 24 hr. restaurant, ATM, and shower facilities
  • Site Facilities- Convenience-store, truck stop, pay at pump, unattended, and maintenance
  • Truck Specifics - 18-wheel access, scales, truck wash, and high-speed pumps
  • Maintenance Brands - National maintenance merchants

"We've re-designed the site locator with the fleet manager and the driver in mind," said Pamela Bartz, vice president of marketing for Fuelman. "Users can quickly and easily find the most convenient stations along their route, with the amenities they need so they can get back to the job at hand."

The new site locator can be accessed at


About Fuelman:

Fuelman helps thousands of businesses and government entities reduce their fuel expenses and increase their fleet fuel efficiency by giving business owners and fleet managers a way to enable their drivers to conveniently purchase fuel and maintenance services while limiting their purchases to only pre-determined authorized transactions. Fuelman helps to eliminate unauthorized fuel and maintenance spending as well as other unauthorized transactions that are difficult to control with traditional oil card, credit card, and purchasing card programs.

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