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The true "Hidden Costs" of operating business vehicles.

by Robert Darnall | Nov 30, 2009

Fresh new research sponsored by Fuelman reveals the true "Hidden Costs" of operating business vehicles.


Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) - Fuelman, the company that pioneered fuel management solutions that helps businesses control fuel and maintenance expenses, today announced that it is releasing an eight-page fuel savings guide. The guide, based on research conducted by Havill & Company, uncovers the expensive waste that plagues business fleets, from theft to administrative time demands and employee downtime.

The guide, "Beware of Hidden Costs That Eat Away at Your Fuel Budget," is based upon the findings of two market research studies. The first, a multi-client study series entitled: The U.S. Commercial Fleet Market Forecast, a survey of over 1,100 fleet administrators nationwide, and a second Havill research project, conducted in October 2009 that surveyed 300 fleet administrators regarding the costs of operating business vehicles.

"Fuelman's goal is to help businesses of all sizes save money by eliminating unwanted spending, fraudulent purchasing, administrative inefficiency, and other problems associated with fleet management." said Pamela Bartz, vice president of marketing for Fuelman. "The data was quite revealing so we wanted to share it with fleet operators to bring their attention to the unseen wasted money that many businesses lose each year without a comprehensive fuel and maintenance management program to expose it."

The guide is available for immediate download at,,,, and


About Fuelman:

Fuelman helps thousands of businesses and government entities reduce their fuel expenses and increase their fleet fuel efficiency by giving business owners and fleet managers a way to enable their drivers to conveniently purchase fuel and maintenance services while limiting their purchases to authorized transactions. Fuelman helps to eliminate unauthorized fuel and maintenance purchases as well as other unauthorized transactions that are nearly impossible to control with traditional oil card, credit card, and purchasing card programs.


About Havill & Company:

Havill & Company is a full service market research and management consulting firm with a 20 year track record providing business planning data to leading vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies, major oil companies, fleet card providers, and maintenance suppliers serving the commercial fleet market.

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