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Hidden Cost Savings: 10 New Ways to Reduce Your Fuel Costs

In September 2010, Fuelman sponsored a webinar offering fleet managers new tricks and tips to reduce business fuel expenses.







Chapter 1: Have a Plan: Optimizing Fuel Purchases


Different optimization programs can analyze different factors to come up with the data, but the outcome is essentially the same: it finds the most cost-effective way to fuel along that route.



Chapter 2:  Freezing the Market: PRICE PROTECTION



 Chapter 2: Freezing the Market: Price Protection


Fuel price protection allows you to lock-in for your fuel at a fixed price for a certain time so you know exactly what you’re going to spend and you can budget more accurately.







Chapter 3: The Facts on Tax


The important thing when considering your fleet’s taxes is to keep good tax records. 

Chapter 4: Tricks of the Trade: DRIVER TRAINING






Chapter 4: Tricks of the Trade: Driver Training


Teaching your drivers good driving behavior is essential to making sure you’re not wasting money.







Chapter 5: Driver Policymaking


It’s important to create a policy for your drivers that holds true to anyone who operates one of your company vehicles.


Chapter 6: Roadmap to Success: Routing





Chapter 6: Roadmap to Success: Routing


The first thing you’re probably thinking when we talk about re-routing vehicles to save fuel is “oh, well that’s easy, all you have to do is take the shortest distance between two places and I’ll be fine, right?”  That’s not really the case.


Chapter 7: The Fuel Fix: MAINTENANCE





Chapter 7: The Fuel Fix: Maintenance


Simply put, the better you take care of your vehicles, the better their fuel efficiency is going to be and the more money you’re going to save on fuel in the long run.







Chapter 8: Paper Trail: Utilizing Analytics/Reporting


With reporting and analytics, it is important that you’re staying informed about your fuel spending.


Chapter 9: Customized Savings: VEHICLE MODIFICATION





Chapter 9: Customized Savings: Vehicle Modification


Another way to reduce your fuel expenses is to modify your existing vehicles to be more fuel-efficient.

Chapter 10: Jetpacks and Flying Cars: THE FUTURE OF SAVINGS

Chapter 10: The Future of Fleet


Plan for your future!


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