Why You Need To Be A Fuelman Merchant

How Fuelman Network Means Business to Business Vehicle Drivers and Owners
Through our business and fleet programs, millions of drivers know that the Fuelman Network means business.
  • Convenient fuel sites in local commercial districts and on commercial routes
  • Commercial fuels available: high quality diesel, gasoline and alternate fuels
  • Commercial fleet maintenance offerings available from Fuelman Network
    Maintenance merchants
  • Fast and friendly service
  • On-the-go convenience offerings: premium coffee, food service, automotive supplies
  • Car wash
How Fuelman Network Means Business to Fuel, Convenience Store and Maintenance sites
Fuelman Network fleet systems works with many business and fleet programs to bring incremental, ratable business vehicle traffic to fuel, convenience store and maintenance sites
  • Fuelman Network has developed and continues to develop agreements with many business and fleet program operators to drive their customers to the Fuelman Network of commercial sites
    • Local banks with small business customers
    • National banks with small and large business customers
    • Proprietary fleet card programs such as CFN and Fuelman
    • Universal fleet card programs including CIT Bank MasterCard Fleet Card and Regions Bank MasterCard Fleet Card
  • In-store purchases
    • 70% of commercial drivers make in-store purchases
    • $4.53 per transaction on average according to NACS
    • Commercial vehicles average 1.5-2.0 riders per vehicle
  • Ratable volumes and margins from business customers that are not driven by daily pump prices
Fuelman Means Business and Better Fleet Solutions!
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