Save up to 15¢ per gallon on diesel fuel with wholesale-based pricing

The Fuelman Diesel Advantage FleetCard offers the best savings for heavy users of diesel fuel. In addition to wholesale-based pricing*, our purchase controls and detailed reporting can save your business up to 15% in overall fuel management costs through fuel spend monitoring and the prevention of driver theft and fraud.†

Here’s how the Fuelman Diesel Advantage FleetCard will help your business:

Diesel Card


  • Save up to 15¢ per gallon on diesel fuel with wholesale-based pricing
  • Save at least 5¢ per gallon on diesel fuel purchased anywhere in the Fuelman Network.**


  • Restrict card purchasing to fuel or fuel and maintenance only
  • Customize purchase limits by type of fuel, time, date and/or gallons
  • Control fraud with real-time text and email alerts on unusual transactions
  • Monitor activity and manage your accounts online in real-time


  • Fuel at 50,000 locations nationwide
  • Visit any of 25,000 locations for maintenance purchases
  • Enroll in automated tax reporting for off-road diesel and IFTA filing purposes
  • Find convenient locations via or the Fuelman Mobile Site Locator
  • Manage your fleet on the go with the free Fuelman Mobile smartphone app

* Wholesale cost calculated as cost of fuel plus a small margin to cover freight and transaction fees. Actual savings vary based on the market and the retail price of fuel in the market.

** 5¢ per gallon wholesale-based savings applies to all diesel gallons purchased during first six months following account set-up date.

† A Fleet Financials survey shows that, on average, fleets that change from no fuel management program to a managed fuel program realize savings of up to 15% on their overall fuel management costs.

Customer's price will never be below Fuelman's cost paid to merchant.

Fuelman® is a registered trademark of FLEETCOR Technologies Operating Company, LLC.

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