More Than Just Fuel Purchasing

A Fuelman fleet card is more than an easy way to purchase fuel. It’s a total fleet fuel management program that puts you in control of fleet-related expenses.
Fuelman offers a variety of different programs for fleets of all sizes, in all industries. Regardless of the program you implement, each Fuelman program offers:
  • Flexible billing and payment options
  • The strongest and most customizable purchasing controls available
  • Personal assistance and training to establish controls and optimize savings
Companies of all sizes and in all industries have benefited from implementing a Fuelman program, including:

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Hear what
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"Fuelman has given us the
ability to keep a closer
tab on our employees.
In return this has limited
the incidents of employees
stealing gas by working
as a deterrent."

-General Contractor,
with 17 vehicles, Missouri

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